2024 – 2027


for Foster Youth

The Open Door House- holding the door of opportunity open for
young adults who have aged out of foster care.

About The Open
Door House


Eradicating homelessness for young adults aging out of the foster care system.


Empowering teens in foster care through supportive services and young adults aging out
of foster care and homeless young adults to reach their God-given potential through
supportive housing, structured programs, and mentoring.

Our Core Values

During their 18-24 month work in our program, our students will build a personal
foundation based upon the 6 pillars below.

A Safe Place

For the young adults we serve, this means we are a safe place where
they can begin to heal and are free to dream of a new life. For our
staff and volunteers, we encourage new ideas that will help us grow
and better serve our young adults.

Fully Transparent

We are fully transparent in all we do from programs, finances, and

Unwavering Faith

Our faith in Jesus is the foundation for what we do and how we love.


We cannot do this alone. Partnering with other organizations,
government agencies, volunteers, churches, and businesses help us
to serve our young adults to the best of our ability.


To build bridges for foster youth and the foster care community

Always Learning

We are always researching new ideas, methods, programs, and
services to grow and evolve with the needs of our young adults.

Realities of Aging
Out of Foster Care

Every year in NC more than 500 foster youth will turn 18 and be considered too old or, aged out, of the system. Without a family or support system in place 20% will become instantly homeless. Young women have 48 hours on the street before they are targeted for human trafficking.

Within two
to four years
of leaving
foster care:


were homeless.


were receiving
public assistance
or were


had not finished
high school.


became parents


abused drugs
and/or alcohol.



“Coming here was a huge weight off my shoulders. The team here and the people from the church have been so inspirational. It’s just an awesome team here to help girls in my situation get off the ground. Personally, since I don’t have so much family to go to, it’s always awesome to have other people in your life who care about you and want you to do good.”


TODH Program Participant (March 2023-Present)

Community Perspective

Cabarrus County-Specific Stats

  • 63 youth, ages 14-17 year olds, are currently in foster care.
  • There are currently 5 individuals in foster care who will turn 18 in 2024.

How We Help

Our 18-24 month residential program faces these potential threats head-on to change the trajectory of each young adult by reversing the cycles of abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness for generations to come.

Our Program is Based on 6 Pillars:


Finish high school,
get a GED, college,
career certification.


Having a job is a requirement,
but we encourage thrive over
survive. We work with NextGen
Career Counseling and partner
with the community to offer
internships so our students can
explore career options.


Our students are
connected with a
primary care physician,
dentist, eye doctor,
therapist, and
discipleship coach.


Mentoring, teaching life
skills, & apprenticeship.
Our community
surrounds our youth
with care and support.


We partner with local
organizations who
teach financial classes


We partner with local
organizations, food
pantries, and other
volunteer opportunities
to give back.

“The Open Door House provides a most valuable resource to the Department of Human Services in providing youth with opportunities for the successful transition into adulthood. TODH stands in the gap as a community-based program that ensures our youth aged out of foster care have a strong support system by assisting them with obtaining safe housing, setting life goals, building healthy relationships, and pursuing educational and employment goals. We are extremely grateful for their partnership and services to our youth in making a smooth transition to life outside of the foster care system.”

Karen Calhoun

Director, Cabarrus County Department of Human Services

Community Perspective

Together, We Can
Reverse The Statistics

Doors of Opportunity Campus Timeline

Phase 1 – Single Home [November 2023 – January 2024]

  • The young women currently in our program must move out of our existing
    property. This phase is to rehab an existing single-home property to
    house our current residents by February 1, 2023

Total Funds Needed: $58,050

Phase 2 – Duplex Community Room [Summer 2024]

  • This phase will include the renovation of the Community Room. As the heartbeat of our
    campus, this Community Room will be used throughout the week for our residents and
    teens in foster care to engage in events such as: Life Skills Classes, workshops, mentorship
    meetings, counseling, therapy sessions, celebrations, fundraising events, collaborative
    events with similar organizations, and more!

Total Funds Needed: $85,000

Phase 3 – Duplex Men’s Housing [Fall 2024 – Winter 2025]

  • This phase includes the renovation of half the duplex, which will house up to 5 young
    men. This project phase will not only increase the number of young adults we can
    serve, but also expands our reach to include young men

Total Funds Needed: $200,000

Phase 4 – Duplex Women’s Housing [Fall 2025 – Winter 2026]

  • This phase will cover renovating the second half of the duplex, which will host up to 5
    young women. Renovating these additional rooms will allow us to keep up with the
    demand for supportive housing needs in our community.

Total Funds Needed: $200,000

“I am pleased to endorse The Open Door House Program. The staff supports and guides young adults that were in foster care to reach their potential so they can be self-sufficient. Young adults participating in this program can learn skills to gain sustainable employment, money management tips, vocational/academic guidance, learn how to access community resources, how to manage day to day life situations and much, much more! Participating in the Open Door House Program can give a young adult leaving the foster care system the support and guidance needed to open their door for success!”

Wendy Kaiser

TODH Program Committee Member

Community Perspective