House for Young Women

About the program.

This is a voluntary program for young women who are serious about their future. You will be loved and cared for, but you will also have work to do; goal setting, financial planning, finishing your education, job training and more. The Open Door House can be a fresh start for you, we will give 100% and expect you to do the same.

What we are NOT:

  • A group home, shelter, foster home, or therapeutic facility.

What we ARE:

  • An extended family that includes a case coordinator who will be your partner, not your manager and who will guide you to reach your goals. 

  • A small group of volunteers and mentors who care about you and want to be part of your life.

  • A beautiful home furnished and decorated with love and care. A place to be cared for, to feel safe and secure and to begin to plan and set goals for your future. 

  • A place where you will reach your God-given potential.

12 month independent residential program for young women 18-21

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This is about your future and your life, are you ready?

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Meet Victoria

Victoria Williams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in providing therapeutic services to children, adolescents, & young adults. Her passion for working with young people on their journey to independence has made her a great addition to The Open Door House team.

“Blossoming into adulthood can be a challenging journey, but with a little extra support and grace nothing is too hard. In my role as case coordinator at The Open Door House, I’ll be here to support and cheer our young people along the journey to greatness that they are destined for!”

Victoria Williams, Case Coordinator