I woke up really early this morning; it was still dark outside, so I knew it wasn’t time to get up yet. As I laid in bed trying to go back to sleep, my mind raced through all of the tasks at hand, all the to-do lists for The Open Door House.

I tossed and turned for a while trying to go back to sleep, enjoying the warmth of my flannel sheets, the blankets and and how very safe I felt. In that early morning hour I thanked God for my bed and the warmth, thanked him for my home and the feeling of security that goes along with it.

And then I thought about the kids who are living in foster homes, most have been shuffled from home to home most of their young lives, not knowing the joy of having a bed and a home to call their own. I thought about the older kids who have turned 18 and were no longer in foster care, the kids with no options and no where to go.

I prayed for them all, then I prayed for the kids who I will someday serve and will call The Open Door House their home. I pray for their safety, I pray God will give them some peace and an understanding that very soon there will be someone in their corner, they will be safe and protected. I long for that day, my prayer is that we will have our first house this spring and we can begin the journey to healing and moving on. 

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