You can’t make this stuff up.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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A few weeks ago I was talking with a close friend, we were discussing all of the amazing things God has done in the past year. I shared the people who have become part of our ‘village’, the events I was invited to which led to meeting ‘said’ people, the fundraisers, partnerships, etc. Her response was, ‘You can’t make this stuff up!’. She then suggested writing it all down so none of it would be forgotten and could be shared. So with that, I sat down and began assembling a timeline of events from the very beginning of it all, the service project at Villages of Hope in 2015, to what was happening during this month of December 2019. The timeline grew to 2 pages of dates, names, meetings, introductions and a few miracles thrown in. Once it was completed I looked it over and agreed with my friend, you really can’t make this stuff up!

Since I began focusing on The Open Door House full-time, my prayer has always been for God to bring us the people who can help to see this vision come to fruition. He continues to answer my prayers in such incredible ways. Very early this year  I was introduced to Karen Calhoun, the director of Cabarrus County DHS, and she invited to me to attend the HUBB Summit in February. That simple introduction changed the entire trajectory of The Open Door House- thank you Karen! During that summit, I sat in on the housing group to discuss the housing shortage we are facing in our community. During that breakout session I met the program director of Cooperative Christian Ministry, the fabulous Pam Smith. From that meeting, Pam has invited me to workshops and events which has led me to meet other influential folks who are doing incredible things for the underserved. During a Lunch and Learn in Kannapolis, I attended as a vendor and set up a table with information about The Open Door House. A gentleman approached my table and began to talk with me about his experience with programs for youth who have aged out of foster care and homeless young adults and expressed his desire to help us create our own programs, oh and by the way- he’s a former foster youth. What?! Since then we have met regularly, either in person or by phone, and he has shared his vast knowledge of program development. Curtis has become a wonderful friend and an incredible partner to The Open Door House. 

There are so many more friends I want to introduce you to who have been instrumental to our growth this past year. Check back next Friday for Part 2 of ‘You can’t make this stuff up!’  to meet the other amazing people who have helped to create our village.

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